Friday, 4 May 2012

Thrifty Couture wins Unltd & Islington Giving Award
We are so thrilled to tell the world (very late but am very busy) that little Thrifty has been awarded an Unltd & Islington Giving Award.  The annual Islington Challenge looks for exceptional people with great ideas for setting up new social ventures that address the themes of the campaign – Poverty, Isolation and Mental Health Issues.

Thrifty Couture has been working with Age UK Islington to develop a programme of craft workshops for older residents in Islington and we hope over the coming months to bring our younger students into the programme too.   We want to establish a team of skilled craftspeople of all ages who will work with Thrifty Couture to run workshops for a whole raft of audiences including young, old, infirm, and just simply the paying public.  The goal is to empower older people on a fixed income to be able to create additional earnings and for younger unemployed residents to not only earn a little more money but also and most importantly, to develop employable skills so they can get the job they want, or, maybe, start their own social enterprise

The award will be used to beef up our workshop capacity and take advantage of major public events where we can get public exposure and sales for our practitioners – young and old!

Know anyone who can sew and would like to share that skill? Email us and introduce them to Thrifty

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