Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New study finds toxic monsters lurking in children’s clothing

Hazardous chemicals have been found in children’s clothes and shoes made by major brands including Disney, Burberry and adidas, according to a new investigation released today by Greenpeace East Asia...

Testing was carried out on products sold by 12 brands across the industry, including American Apparel, GAP, Primark and Nike for the report “A Little Story About the Monsters in Your Closet”. The findings showed little distinction between the levels of hazardous chemicals in clothing made for children – a group particularly vulnerable to the effects of these chemicals when released into the environment – and adults when compared to previous studies.

Every parent, fashionista, and concerned citizen should read this

Go to the Little Monsters website: there's more information, and you can find out how you can take action to rid fashion of its Little Monsters.


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