Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lavender Water beats everything hands down

We don't dry clean at Thrifty Couture - it's not good for your clothes, it's not good for you and your health and it's not good for the planet.  Our clothing is donated from local residents or comes from our own wardrobes or our super sponsors Retrograde Limited.  The clothes are already clean and we make them sweet smelling and moth free with lavender water.

It's natural, green, cheap, antiseptic and kills moths dead!

You can make your own and save ££££s at the dry cleaners and sleep soundly

This recipe makes 1 litre of lavender water:
  • boil and allow to cool 1 litre of water (you lose a bit when it's boiled)
  • take 50cl vodka (this fixes the perfume oil)
  • 100 drops of good quality essential lavender oil (about 3ml)
Add all ingredients to the bowl with the water and pour into atomiser (use empty pump aerosol bottle washed out thoroughly)

And there you have it...
  • Drench your woollens, ski gear and winter coats and let them dry to clean and before you put away for the summer
  • Use on winter boots and plimsolls, gym gear and trainers to kill odour
  • Spray a little on your sheets and quilt when you change the bed
  • Put a little between layers of towels in drawers after laundering
  • Just spray into the air in rooms to remove stuffiness, tobacco and cooking smells

If you have natural cleaning remedies tell us and for every great idea we post we'll give you 20 Thrifty Points to use when you sign up for workshops and buy clothes from TC!

(1 Thrifty Point = 1% discount and you can use up to a max of 30 Thrifty Points on any one purchase)

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