Tuesday, 24 May 2011

All hail Livia Firth!

Not only is she married to one of Britain's most handsomest gentlemen, Livia Firth is also excellent role model on today's red carpet. Using her fame to set standards and to prove to other celebs that wearing sustainable fashion can still be glamorous and doesn't have to be last weeks old bin bag.
May 20th 2011 was the first annual 'Fashion's Fairer Footprint' meeting arranged by LSE Student's Union Fashion Society, where Lucy Siegle and Livia Firth gave talks on their thoughts on fashion of today as well as promotion for Lucy's new book 'To Die For'.
My love for Livia and Lucy went rocket high, with their understanding and experience of today's fast fashion, their passion and enthusiasm for sustainable fashion inspired the young eyes of our future fashion designers.
It feels good to know that women at the forefront of the media are setting standards, as celebrities seem to highly influence our spending habits these days, hopefully others will follow in their footsteps.

Livia Firth wearing an Upcycled Gary Harvey Dress for the 'Green Carpet Challenge' at this years Golden Globe Awards

 An interesting theory was raised regarding my last post about H&M's latest ethical approach (the latest being that H&M are now teaming up with WaterAid). Lucy and Livia debated strongly with the audience about how they did not feel that high street brands were making enough impact on the fashion industry by not taking big enough risks. If key fast fashion brands such as Tesco and H&M are producing ethical lines of stock, what impact are they having if they are "still producing the bad stuff", as Lucy put it. This, I hadn't fully thought about, as I was carelessly praising the high street brands for taking their first jump into sustainable and ethical fashion, I was unknowingly being sucked in by the media and had forgotten the fact that these high profile fast fashion clothing brands are still high contributors to unethical, unsustainable, fast cheap fashion.


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