Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Re-make part 1

Our 2nd hand clothes ready and waiting to be drastically re-formed. 

Our first set of clothes have been unpacked and the design process has begun.

The challenge of 'up-cycling' is probably more difficult than actually designing from scratch, this is quite possibly why not many people have tackled the 'up-cycling' process.  
First of all you have to evaluate why the clothes were unloved in the first place -  this is not difficult to understand with some of the garments! Then work on bringing the style back up to date, working with challenging unpredicable fabrics. 

I look to this website for inspiration: THREAD, which was created by the designer behind TRAID Re-made who has some nifty little 'up-cycling' tips. Paula Kirkwood's confident cuts and calm voice feel rather like a pair of fluffy slippers on a cold winters evening. Confidence seems to be the key. Lets get cutting! 

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